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Ukiah Valley Fire Authority Volunteers Training

Volunteer Program

The Ukiah Valley Fire Authority is an All Risk combination fire department. This means that we have paid career Firefighters as well as volunteer Firefighters. Our current volunteer roster contains approximately 20 members. Once accepted into the Volunteer Program all necessary safety equipment and basic training is provided to each volunteer candidate. Volunteer Firefighters are required to attend weekly training and are eligible to augment daily staffing levels as well as receive additional training. The probationary period lasts 12 months. Volunteers receive a “stipend” semiannually based upon their attendance at training and their response to emergency incidents.

Our volunteers are a capable, highly trained group that functions at the same level as the career staff, working seamlessly alongside them. Volunteers are just as important of a resource as the career personnel and are treated the same when it comes to training, education, and emergency response.

Volunteer personnel are trained in Emergency Medical Services, fire suppression, technical rescue, Hazardous Materials, the Incident Command System, Wildland firefighting, and the operation of fire engines and aerial apparatus.

The benefit of having a highly-trained and knowledgeable volunteer force is not limited to the handling of emergency incidents, but also creates a source of individuals who can compete for and obtain permanent full-time career positions with the Department.


Volunteer personnel receive many of the same certifications as the paid staff. Some volunteers are certified as Hazardous Materials Specialists, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, Swift-Water Rescue Technicians, and Driver/Operators.
Certifications, EMT, Swiftwater, Paramedic, Hazmat

Fire Prevention and Public Education

Ukiah Valley Fire Authority Public Education JuniorsThe volunteers of the Ukiah Valley Fire Authority participate in many functions outside of emergency response. They staff the first aid booth and provide medical standby at the two Fairs held at the Ukiah Fairgrounds annually. They participate and coordinate the annual Fire Expo held each year during Fire Prevention week in October. Volunteers also participate in the annual public education fire safety programs at the schools within the Ukiah Valley.

How to Become a Volunteer

Individuals wishing to volunteer with the Ukiah Valley Fire Authority may obtain an application at 1500 South State Street, Ukiah. Those wishing further information may contact the Volunteer Coordinator,
Captain, Robb Ramseier, at 707-462-7921.

Volunteer Firefighter Policy; Job Application; and Requirements below:

Training Night With Rainbow


To participate in the Volunteer Program, an individual must complete an application, oral interview, written exam, a background check, a physical examination, and are encouraged to attend the Mendocino County Fire Chief’s Academy.

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