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City of Ukiah, Mendocino County, Tree and Creek Information Links

City of Ukiah Trees & Creeks Information

Tree & Creek Advocacy

  • Tree Advisory Group (TAG)

    TAG is a volunteer organization dedicated to the enhancement of the urban forest in Ukiah. TAG advises the City of Ukiah on issues such as tree care, planting, and education. They also champion City tree programs (e.g. the Landmark Tree Program and City Park Tree Inventories) and shape City tree planting and management guidelines.

    TAG meets once a month, usually on the first Monday, at 5:30pm at the City Hall Annex. Everyone is welcome to attend. For more information, contact the TAG coordinator, Linda Sanders, at kaderli@juno.com

  • Friends of Gibson Creek (FOGC)

    Friends of Gibson Creek (FOGC) is a group of citizens dedicated to the health and appreciation of the creeks and watersheds in and around Ukiah. FOGC organizes annual creek cleanups and coordinates restoration projects, such as the recent construction of a willow wall in an eroded section of Orr Creek.
    FOGC has prepared a “Creek Care Guide” available to all business or home owners living along the creeks. For more information contact kaderli@juno.com or write to P.O.Box 1631, Ukiah, CA 95482.

  • Mendocino County Releaf (MCRL)

    Mendocino County Releaf (MCRL) is a 501c(3) nonprofit urban forestry organization, founded in 1999. The Board of Directors of MCRL obtains funding and works with local governments and community volunteers to plant and care for trees on public property.

    MCRL’s mission is to promote and enhance the urban forests in Mendocino County. Since 1999, MCRL has helped plant over 600 trees. Projects included parks, streets, and schools in Ukiah, at the Mendocino College, and in Ft. Braggs’ Bainbridge Park. MCRL also helps with the critical care in the first years after planting, such as pruning and removing stakes, through volunteer work and education.

    Trees make our cities livable by shading hot sidewalks and parking lots, by helping clean the air of car fumes and carbon dioxide, and by producing oxygen. Trees retain water through their roots and provide evaporative cooling through their leaves; tree canopies also reduce noise and provide wind breaks. Trees in our parks and gardens also offer critical habitat for birds and other animals.

  • Paths, Open Space and Creeks Commission Projects

Policies, Guidelines, Zoning, and Studies


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