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Downtown Streetscape –
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Business FAQ

Why doesn’t the City use local contractors for this project and other similar construction projects?

Ukiah is a general law city and as such, state law requires the City to accept the lowest responsive bid on public works contracts in excess of $60,000. Consequently, the City cannot provide a preference on construction contracts for more than $60,000. More details are available at the following links:

Will the sidewalks remain the same width?

Broken and uneven sidewalks will be repaired and widened to a minimum of 10’, allowing for additional street trees, bicycle racks, outdoor dining, and other streetscape features.

Will there be additional parking spaces?

The addition of pedestrian bulbouts will result in the loss of a handful of parking spaces on State Street. However, the downtown parking improvement project will be implemented at the same time, resulting in the addition of nearly 400 free and unrestricted parking spaces.

How will construction affect my business?

The City, in coordination with the City’s contractor will work very hard to minimize inconveniences to businesses due to construction. Businesses will receive weekly construction updates through email notifications, printed flyers, and on our project webpage.

Will I always have access to my business?

Access to businesses will be provided for customers and deliveries. The City will provide early warning before any work or disruptions are planned in front of your business.

Will I always have vehicular access?

As the construction progresses, some streets may be temporarily inaccessible to vehicles. However, the City will work closely with business owners to address concerns about access.

Will I always have pedestrian access?

Pedestrian access will be maintained during construction.

Will I always have parking?

Construction may require temporary loss of parking near your business for short periods of time however, there are over 1,000 public parking spaces downtown – more than enough to serve everyone.

Will our utilities be shut off during construction?

Utility interruptions will be unavoidable. You will experience several planned utility shut-offs during the construction that typically last just a few hours. Businesses will receive advance notice of all planned utility shut-offs.

Will there be construction work at night?

At times, and when appropriate, there will be night construction. Businesses will receive advance notice of any planned night work.

Streetscape Business Impact Reduction Plan

Timing & Management
  • Construction will begin as early (or as late) in the year as possible and be completed as quickly as possible to minimize disruptions to downtown businesses.
  • Construction will be restricted during community events and holidays.
  • Contractor will provide access to each business doorway during construction and temporary blockages will be communicated in advance and kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Contractor will provide crossings to business doors when sidewalks are under construction. Contractor may limit access to a business only when active work is happening directly in front of the business.
  • City will hire a contractor to wash all business windows adjacent to the project area at the conclusion of construction.
  • Contractor will prepare temporary "No-Parking" signs indicating in large text when parking is available. Ex. weekends, evenings, etc.
  • Contractor will provide at least one week of initial notice prior to the temporary closure of a business access, so that business owners can schedule their operations and plan accordingly.
  • As soon as it is known, the City will announce the construction start date of the project.
  • Merchants will be encouraged to sign up for email notifications at the City’s website.
  • The City Streetscape Communication team will maintain direct, regular and steady communication with affected businesses to coordinate construction work and business needs to minimize disruption.
  • City will provide weekly e-mail updates and flyers that outline all construction activities for the coming week and provide resource updates.
  • The City will maintain a webpage for the project which includes: contact names & numbers, a map illustrating downtown parking, the project schedule, and weekly progress updates regarding construction timing and locations.
  • The City will provide signage to advertise that all businesses are open during construction.
  • The City will work with local businesses to develop a media campaign to provide press releases and local advertising to remind residents and tourists to shop downtown and support our local businesses.

Progress Photos

Streetscape Information & Contacts

August 20th Update

2021.08.20 Construction Update

Shannon Riley

Deputy City Manager
(707) 467-5793

Traci Boyl

Management Analyst to the City Manager's Office
(707) 467-5720