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Street Maintenance is a division of the Public Works Department. The Streets crew is dedicated to maintaining over 53 centerline miles of two-way streets within the City of Ukiah. The crew maintains street lights, signs, and markings, repairs potholes, removes graffiti, maintains storm water drains, and sweeps the streets. They also respond to flooding and cleanup of creeks and debris in the public right-of-way.

In recent years, cities have been challenged to maintain City streets due to insufficient funding. Ukiah’s street maintenance is currently funded through General funds, Measure Y funds, and grant-funding when available. Starting in 2004, State and Federal monies that used to come to local jurisdictions for street repairs were either diverted or reduced. For example, local agencies used to use State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) funding to improve local streets. Now, these funds are reserved for roads that are connected to State Highway facilities. As a result, by 2016, 67% of Ukiah’s streets were in poor or “failed” condition.

In 2016, City of Ukiah voters passed Measure Y as a way to provide additional funding for street maintenance. Measure Y is a 0.5% transaction and use tax and generates approximately 3 million dollars each year.

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Street Maintenance

Prioritizing Repairs

Park Blvd Street Rehabilitation 2019The Public Works department uses a strategized approach to improve and maintain over 53 centerline miles within the City of Ukiah. City staff use a Pavement Management System (computer program) that evaluates the health of local streets and identifies the right treatment for the street: reconstruction, overlay, or slurry seal. Based upon the amount of Measure Y and gas tax funds available, the weather, and the timing of other related projects in the area, the street rehabilitation project is then submitted to City Council for review and approval.

The City Council looks at a number of different factors when reviewing and prioritizing street rehabilitation projects. They also carefully consider the impact that fixing a particular street will have to ensure that Measure Y funds are used as efficiently as possible, and that the highest number of people will be positively impacted by the project. Due to budget and weather constraints, prioritizing these projects is critical.

When possible, street projects are coordinated and scheduled with other projects such as water, sewer, electric utility work and storm drain repair/replacement. Projects are also coordinated to take advantage of any available grant funding. The coordination of street rehabilitation projects with other projects ensures that Measure Y funds are used as efficiently as possible, disruption of traffic is minimized, and expenses are reduced.

Measure Y funds are NOT used for electric, water, or sewer utilities, or for other City projects; those projects are either funded through their associated departments or through grants.

Pavement Condition Index (PCI) Map

Pavement Condition Index (PCI) Map (current as of 2021)

PCI Rating Descriptions


Rehabilitation Options

Rehab Options Slurry Seal
Rehab Options AC Overlay
Rehab Options Reconstruction

Street Sweeping Schedule + Map

Leaf Collection Program

Ukiah Waste Services offers leaf collection to residents two times per year. During leaf collection weeks, residents can put out up to 7 additional bags or a 32 gallon can of leaves on their normal collection day.

Leaf collection takes place during the third week of April and the week after Thanksgiving.

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Broken SidewalkSidewalk maintenance and repair are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner.

Measures Y & Z

What is Measure Y Funding and how is the money spent?

Measure Y info:

Measure Y: Transaction and Use Tax

Measure Y, passed by a simple majority (50% plus 1) of Ukiah voters in November of 2016, is a general (unrestricted) transaction and use tax. A general unrestricted tax is one that can be used to fund any program, function, service, or project at the discretion of the City Council. It is not a special, restricted tax, which would require approval of two-thirds of the voting public. Measure Z, passed in conjunction with Measure Y, was a distinctly separate, advisory measure, indicating the voting public’s preference for the use of Measure Y proceeds. Language for the two ballot measures was as follows:

Ballot Measure “Y”:

Shall Ordinance No. 1165 be adopted to impose as a general tax an additional transaction (sales) and use tax of one-half of one percent within the city limits of the City of Ukiah to fund essential City services, including street repair and maintenance? Such tax increase is estimated to raise $2,470,000 annually at a rate of .5%. The duration of the tax will continue unless or until the tax is repealed by majority vote in a municipal election.

Advisory Measure “Z”:

Shall street repair and maintenance and related public infrastructure improvements be the exclusive use of the revenues from an additional ½ percent sales tax in the City of Ukiah and add to and not replace current spending for street maintenance and repair?

2021.01 Measure Y Schedule Of Expenditures

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