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Recyclable Toxic Waste – The HazMobile

It is amazing how much stuff that we use every day can be recycled. Many everyday recyclable wastes can be disposed of safely and easily at the Mendocino HazMobile. To see when the HazMobile will be in your area, click here.

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  • Please report any chemical spills to the city immediately. We can send in a team to minimize the damage to the environment.
  • Paint and paint thinners should not be washed out at your home, where they can potentially drain into the creeks. Bring empty and dry paint cans and brushes to the Ukiah Valley Transfer Station for proper disposal
Don’t dump potentially hazardous materials into the streets. Storm drains, unlike sewers, are not treated. Contaminants that enter stormwater runoff are carried into the water bodies that are used for swimming and fishing.

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