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Although Ukiah is a smaller city, we have big ideas when it comes to business development, recreation programs, and providing superior municipal services to our residents. In addition to the extensive number of services currently provided by the City, our staff will be working on a host of projects including those shown below. In addition to being a full service city, Ukiah also manages its own electric utility and airport. As the largest city in Mendocino County, we have become the leader in recreational events for the family, solid improvements in our municipal infrastructure, and in redevelopment programs to enhance our business climate.

orr creek bridge overhead

Orr Street Bridge

The Orr Street Bridge and Corridor Study project is a comprehensive corridor plan proposing improvements along Orr Street and replacement of existing bridge across Orr Creek.

street parking smart planning

Land Use Planning & Annexation

The City of Ukiah has a plan for managing local growth in a responsible, sustainable, and beneficial way that is supported through the development of the 2040 General Plan.



Ukiah – Ensuring Affordable and Reliable Water Supplies for 2021 and the Years to Come through:

Streetscape Rendering

Downtown Streetscape

The goal of this project is to improve the aesthetics of the downtown area, enhance accessibility for pedestrians and bicyclists, and improve traffic circulation. Construction began April 2020.

City of Ukiah Great Redwood Trail

The Great Redwood
Trail – Ukiah

A safe and efficient corridor for bicycle and pedestrian traffic, as well as direct access to major employment centers, services, shopping, residential areas, and other infrastructure.

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General Plan Update

  • The City hosted its third community workshop on December 7th & 8th.
  • Click here for more information on the General Plan Update.

Mc Homeless Service System 220x140

Strategic Plan for Addressing Homelessness in Mendocino County

A mechanism for improved service coordination, transparency, and improved collaboration.


New Courthouse

Ukiah is working on getting a new courthouse! Through the joint efforts of multiple agencies, a much larger, much more accessible, and much safer building will be constructed along Perkins Street.

Ac Dw Un 220x140

ADU Plans

The Community Development department is working on developing three sets of building plans for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) for home developers within the City limits.

Ukiah Riverside Park Top Bank Trail Picnic Table

Riverside Park

The City is seeking grant funding to help further develop Riverside Park. The project will remove old concrete and asphalt debris, improve drainage, support the riparian forest, and create a series of swales and wet meadow areas.

Public Safety Power Shutoff

Public Safety
Power Shutoffs

If extreme fire danger conditions threaten a portion of the electrical system, PG&E may decide to turn off high-risk transmission lines resulting in outages to the City of Ukiah.

Landfill Closure 220x140

Landfill Closure

The landfill at 3100 Vichy Springs Road is owned and operated by the City. It was open to the public from 1955 to 2001; however, a formal closure in accordance with applicable regulatory standards has not yet been completed.

Fire Mitigation 220x140

West Hills Fire

The City and County engaged with CAL FIRE and other stakeholder groups to develop and implement fire prevention and mitigation measures for the Ukiah Valley, including the western hills.

He Update

Housing Element
Update 2019-2027

In 2019 the City of Ukiah embarked on its 2019-2027 Housing Element Update process. The update was approved by the City Council and received final certification from the state on December 5, 2019.

Gobbi Street
Underground Project

A City improvement project designed to improve safety and enhance the beauty of our community by putting utility lines underground.

Recycled Water Holding Pond 220x140

Recycled WaterVideo

Completed in 2019 Phases 1-3 of the recycled water infrastructure development project serve about 650 acres of agricultural land, 20 acres of pasture, and 15 acres of turf. The City is currently seeking funding for Phase 4.

Measure Y Mprp 220x140

Master Pavement
Rehabilitation Program

The Public Works Department’s strategic approach to improve the overall quality of streets in Ukiah by identifying the right treatment for either repairing or replacing streets.

Downtown ParkingVideo

On November 7, 2018, the Ukiah City Council voted to implement an improved parking plan for the Downtown Area.

City of Ukiah Medical Marijuana Cultivation and Dispensing

Cannabis Regulations

The City of Ukiah has adopted ordinances that regulate and permit cannabis-related businesses. For more info, click below:


Palace Hotel

This is a historic hotel in downtown Ukiah that has fallen into disrepair. Attempts have been made to save the building so that it may become an integral part of downtown, but there is much left to be done.

Rapid Review 220x140

Rapid Review

The City of Ukiah Building Services Division offers an over-the-counter, residential building permit process Wednesdays from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the Civic Center, 300 Seminary Avenue, Ukiah.

City of Ukiah Archived Project Search

Archived Projects

Can’t find the project you’re looking for? Search through the archived projects page to find older project information.