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City Departments

City of Ukiah Civic Center

Civil Service Board

This three (3) member board meets on an as needed basis to consider personnel matters.

The Civil Service Board shall consist of three (3) members. One shall be appointed by the City Council, one shall be appointed by the employees and one shall be appointed by the other two (2) members.

Qualifications: The members of the Civil Service Board shall be residents of the city for a continuous period of at least one year immediately preceding appointment to said Board, shall be qualified electors of said city, and shall serve without compensation. No officer or employee of the city shall be appointed to said Board, nor shall any member, while a member of the Board or for a period of one year after he or she has ceased for any reason to be a member, be eligible for appointment to any salaried office or employment in the service of the city or to any city elective office.

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