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Business Licenses

Renewals and other business license transactions can be done in-person at the Ukiah Civic Center or online through the web portal provided by MyGov. If you need assistance, please contact Liz Frausto at (707) 463-6215.

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Frequently Asked Questions


New and Renewal Business Licenses

New and renewal business licenses can be obtained in-person at the Ukiah Civic Center or online through the web portal provided by MyGov.

Fictitious Business Name Filing

This process is completed through the Mendocino County offices located at 501 Low Gap Rd. Questions regarding filing need to be directed to the County Clerk Recorder at (707) 463-4370.

Resale Number

This number may be required for purchasing supplies from a wholesaler or if you are charging a sales and use tax. To determine whether or not your business needs a resale number, contact the State Board of Equalization.

State Board of Equalization
50 D Street Suite 230
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

The State Board of Equalization requires that you obtain your Sellers permit by EREG by going to: www.boe.ca.gov. There you will complete the application, get your number and print your sellers permit. Please be advised that a security deposit may be required.

Alcohol or Tobacco

If your business will be selling alcohol or tobacco products, you must contact the State Board of Equalization to obtain information in order to sell any of those items.

State Board of Equalization
50 D Street Suite 230
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Liquor licenses are handled through the Alcohol Beverage Control. They can be contacted at

Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
50 D Street Suite 130
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Health Permit

If you are marketing a food item, a health permit is required. You may obtain these permits through the Mendocino County Environmental Health Department, 501 Low Gap Rd., Ukiah – or call (707) 234-6625. A CITY OF UKIAH BUSINESS LICENSE WILL NOT BE ISSUED UNTIL A COPY OF THE HEALTH PERMIT IS RECEIVED IN OUR OFFICE. (Pursuant to City of Ukiah Municipal Code Sections 2600 and 2602).

Field Inspection and Application Processing Fees

It may be necessary for the location of your business to undergo an inspection/investigation by our Planning Department, Building Inspector and Fire Marshall if your business is physically located within the City limits of Ukiah. An Application Processing Fee, in addition to the business license tax, of $40.00 is collected at the time of application. If your business does not require a field inspection the application processing fee is $10.00. The annual renewal administration fee is $5.00 in addition to the Business License Tax (Municipal Code Section 2130.G).

Business License Tax

For most businesses the Business License Tax is based on gross receipts for one calendar year and the type of business you are operating. Gross Receipts include the total amount of sale, service or transaction. Exclusions include: 1). Cash discounts taken on sales; 2). Sales or Use Tax paid by purchaser; 3). Refunds of cash on credit; 4). Amounts collected for others as agent or trustee, to the extent paid to the person for whom collected; 5). Amounts paid by contractors to sub-contractors, provided: a). The sub-contractors are licensed, and b). Name, address, and amount of payment is furnished to the Director of Finance (Municipal Code Section 2102).

Downtown Improvement District

If your business is located within the downtown improvement district, there is an additional fee that is collected by the City of Ukiah with your business license fee. This fee is used by the Main St. Program for decoration of public areas; promotion of events and promotion of businesses. The Downtown Improvement District fee is equal to your business license tax, however the D.I.D. fee shall not exceed $250.00 (business license fees do not have a maximum). You may call the Main St. Program at (707) 462-6789 or visit them at 200 S School Street Ukiah CA 95482 or visit their website at www.downtownukiah.com for further information regarding the use of these funds or their meeting schedules.

Federal and State Identification Numbers

All new businesses employing one or more persons must apply for a State Employer’s Identification number by contacting The State’s Employment Development Department at: 1-888-745-3886 or visiting their website at http://www.edd.ca.gov/, you may also need a Federal Identification number if you are employing one or more persons, and you may contact the IRS Business Tax line at 1-800-829-1040 or visit their website at www.irs.gov.

Chamber of Commerce

The Ukiah Chamber of Commerce is located at 309 East Perkins Street, Ukiah, CA 95482. You may call (707) 462-4705 for membership information.

California State Contractor’s License Board

Information about obtaining a Contractor’s License or to see if you are required to have one may be found by calling: 1-800-321-2752 or by visiting their website at: www.cslb.ca.gov.

Business Development Assistance

West Company is a local non-profit that assists local micro-businesses to grow self-sufficiency and wealth in Mendocino County. Through business training and consulting programs, West Company assists clients in developing business plans for both start-up and expansion purposes. For more information contact them:

West Company
631 South Orchard Ave
Ukiah, CA 95482