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Automobiles and Stormwater Runoff

Washing your car and degreasing auto parts at home can send detergents and other contaminants through the storm drain system. Dumping automotive fluids into storm drains has the same result as dumping the materials directly into a waterbody. Fortunately, there are simple measures that you can take to help reduce your automobile’s negative effect on stormwater runoff. automobile-runoff-stormwater
Avoid washing your car, truck or boat on pavement as detergents are easily picked up by rainwater and washed down the nearest drain. Washing your car in your yard can help prevent runoff. Even better, you can take your car to a commercial car wash, where runoff can be easily controlled, without the detergents washing into the nearest waterbody.
Automobiles contain many fluids that are hazardous to local rivers and streams. The Mendocino Solid Waste Management Authority (of which the City of Ukiah is a member agency) provides a free hazmobile service which provides a listing of disposal facilities which will accept automobile related wastes such as oil, antifreeze, coolant and other toxic fluids. Also be sure to check your car for leaks, and clean up spills right away with an absorbent material like kitty litter or sand, before they can be washed down the nearest drain.

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