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City Departments

Airport Services

The Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport is the major commercial airline facility for the region.

The Ukiah Airport provides one-stop aircraft services including complete airframe and power plant services, aircraft interiors, and aircraft refinishing services. All of these services are identified below.

Flight instruction (Ukiah Aviation)

Aircraft rental

Aircraft repair

Aircraft parts manufacturing

Aircraft upholstery

Fuel sales

Air freight

24 hr. Medivac

CDF Fire suppression

Search & Rescue/Law enforcement

Angel Flight

Small engine repair




Fuel Truck #707-272-5515


Airport User Fee’s


July 1, 2019

Open Hangar rental – per month $104.00
Port-a-Port rental (765 sq ft) – per month $166.00
Pasco Hangar (small) rental – per month $234.00
Pasco Hangar (Large) rental – per month $262.00
*Twin Port-a-Port Hangar rental – per month $199

Office Space rental – per month $1.48
Tie Down – per night $8
Tie Down – per month $60
Vehicle Parking – per month $46
Rental Car Parking – per month $23
Operations Fees $218
Landing Fees
Lower weight limit to 8,000 lbs up to 12, 500 lbs $23
Thereafter per 1,000 lbs $2.68
Fuel Truck Parking rental – per month $60


Building Areas

Building Areas Located along the west side of the runway/parallel taxiway are: Four primary tie down areas, as well as a few smaller areas, totaling 65 spaces. One primary auto parking lot and several smaller parking areas, totaling approximately 75 spaces. Seven conventional hangars/shop buildings. Two T-hangar buildings with a capacity to store approximately 20 aircraft. One shade hangar with a capacity of 14 aircraft. Thirty portable T-hangars. Aviation fuel storage facility. CDF air attack facilities. Airport terminal/office building. ASOS weather information is available at 119.275 mhz or by calling 707-462-7343.

Major Features

Major Feature Property: Approximately 160 acres owned in fee by the City of Ukiah; property includes a runway/taxiway system, most of the south runway protection zone, approximately half of the north runway protection zone, and several acres of developed and undeveloped building area.

  • Airfield: Runway 15-33 is 4,415 feet long, 150 feet-wide, asphalt; lighted. Visual Approach Slope Indicator (VASI) at approach end of Runway 15 (V4L-GA 3.0° – TCH 27′). Runway End Identification Lights (REIL) at both runway approach ends. Localizer approach to runway 15. Threshold relocated 585 feet at Runway 15 approach end.

Hangar Application / Waiting List / Hangar Lease Agreement / User Fees


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