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The City of Ukiah owns and operates the Ukiah Regional Airport and has owned the facility since the 1930s. The airport is comprised of one 4,400 ft. runway and taxiway, 160 acres in size, and has 87 aircraft based on site.

The Airport provides a myriad of services beneficial to the local Community and a list of onsite businesses is also available here. From daily freight operations to emergency services such as fire suppression and medevac, and so much more, the airport is, in itself, an economic engine for the area.

In the past few years Airport staff in concert with the Airport Commission, have embarked on a program of improving the infrastructure of the airport due to age. We are improving pavement, repairing buildings, parking areas, adding security fencing, to name just a few projects. These improvements will keep the airport viable for many years to come.

It is the goal of Airport Staff to make and keep the Ukiah Regional Airport as an integral part of the community’s transportation system

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Ukiah Airport Runway will be closed May 4th, 2020 the project should be complete June 10th 2020.

NO ARRIVALS or DEPARTURES will be permitted




The runway project is here!!! The FAA $3.8 million grant has been signed and the award to Granite Construction has been made.
The Project includes the demolition of Taxiway B, removing and replacing the center 75 feet of Runway 15- 33 (“keel section”) with a new pavement section. The existing pavement outside of the 75-foot pavement section will receive a surface treatment of P-608 Emulsified Asphalt Seal Coat. The existing in-line taxiway will be re-marked as a blast pad. Once the new pavement and seal coat are complete, new standard runway markings will be applied. The existing threshold lights will be removed from their current position and relocated inboard. The existing FAA owned REILs will be removed and stored at the airport for the FAA. The northern two runway edge lights on each side of the runway will be adjusted to maintain AC required spacing.
In addition, a new taxiway connector will be constructed to tie into Runway 15, meeting current standards, and will be designated Taxiway A2. The Taxiway A2 pavement will have a pavement section consisting of 4 inches of P-401 Asphalt Mix Pavement surface course, placed on top of 6 inches of P-209 Crushed Aggregate Base Course. Following Taxiway A2 pavement construction, edge lights and signs will be installed, and standard pavement markings will be applied.


At this time, we expect to begin on May 4th, 2020 the project should be complete June 10th 2020. Once the airport is closed no departures or arrivals will be permitted so please check NOTAMS or contact airport staff for updated information.







Runway 15-33 Pavement Rehabilitation Project 

Airport Zoning District Regulations

Ukiah Municipal Airport Pavement Management System

Airport Layout Plan



Click to See Full ALP 2016

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Airport Tenant Improvement Guidelines

Self Fueling Permit

Click here to see Airport Self-fueling Ordinance

Click here to see Self-fueling permit


1996 Ukiah Airport Master Plan

Click here to see Ukiah Municipal Airport Master Plan Report




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