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Measure Y

    Measure Y is a sales tax measure that will fund nearly $3 million to the effort to repave, reconstruct and protect our streets.

    Measure Y is a strategized approach by the Public Works Department to improve the overall quality of streets in Ukiah. With the use of a Pavement Management System that evaluates the health of local streets, department staff and street crew staff are working to sustain the good streets and identify the right treatment for either repairing or replacing streets in your neighborhood.

     What does Measure Y do?

    Measure Y is used to make cost-effective decisions about street maintenance.  It looks at 4 main questions:

    1.  What streets and types of streets does Ukiah have in its network?

    2.  What condition is the street in?

    3.  What repairs are needed and when?

    4.  How much money is required to maintain or improve the streets?

    What has Measure Y accomplished?






    Street crews are responsible for all maintenance of public right of ways including pavement and some sidewalk repairs, storm drainage, structures, street sweeping, striping of crosswalks, installation of street signs and speed limit signs, and other related tasks.

    Some information regarding street maintenance can be found below. Other questions can be answered by calling the Public Works Department at 707-467-5788.

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