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Downtown Parking

Downtown parking is impacted by several factors: business employees and customers, the courthouse, allowed parking duration, deferred maintenance, and the current pay structure. Since 2016, a Parking Ad Hoc Committee comprised of two City Councilmembers and City Staff from various departments have been working to develop an improved downtown parking management plan.

In November of 2018 the City Council approved a plan developed by the Parking Ad Hoc Committee. This plan addresses all of the major problems of the current parking model and is largely consistent with the recommendations that were made in 2007 but not implemented. It helps ensure that the “prime” customer parking will be available for customers and that those customers can have flexibility in how long they stay in the Downtown. It provides plenty of free parking for the employees of the Downtown and for customers who are willing to walk a block or two. It can easily be adjusted for future impacts and demand. It will also generate enough revenue to keep the parking district sustainable.

Information about the Plan