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Land Use Planning & Annexation

ukiah investment children parachuteThe City of Ukiah has a plan for managing local growth in a responsible, sustainable, and beneficial way. Through development of the 2040 General Plan process, the City created a well-informed approach for guiding growth, identifying areas to be annexed, and fairly managing resource allocation.

In the coming years, the Brush Street Triangle area, which includes the undeveloped area between Kohl’s and Raley’s, will see increased development. For the ongoing safety and prosperity of local residents and businesses, this area will require municipal services that will ensure orderly development, reliable utilities, and public safety resources. In order for the City of Ukiah to provide these services, the City is recommending that the Brush Street Triangle be annexed into the City boundaries.

The Brush Street Triangle has long been considered for annexation into Ukiah, and successfully completing that boundary update would realize many benefits:

  • Basic government services are more affordable and reliable within City boundaries: Ukiah’s own electric utility provides electricity that is significantly lower-cost than PG&E territory, which is an important benefit for business development. Additionally, Ukiah’s water, sewer, and roads infrastructure have greater funding streams and more robust maintenance plans than unincorporated county land.
  • Quality of life can be improved through annexation: Unincorporated areas lack the same level of public infrastructure investment for safe streets and sidewalks. Ukiah’s development standards would ensure buildout and maintenance of higher quality infrastructure and public parks. Furthermore, it is important for growing areas to be formally part of the City so they contribute to the public safety funding measures, and all Ukiah residents fairly pay for and receive police and fire protection services.
  • Annexation provides representation: Incorporation into the City of Ukiah boundaries provides individuals and businesses with representation to help shape City policies.
  • Inclusion in the city will improve services for disadvantaged neighborhoods: Disadvantaged communities are disproportionately impacted by the current limitations of Ukiah’s city jurisdiction, as the unincorporated areas outside Ukiah’s boundaries have a higher percentage of low-income residents and receive less investment, less protection, and fewer services than communities that live within city boundaries. From an equity perspective, it is important that these disadvantaged communities become part of the city and therefore eligible to receive the higher quality municipal services that Ukiah is able to provide.
  • The benefits of annexation will encourage smart and sustainable regional growth: Assurance that future developments will receive municipal services will be a key component to attracting the right type of business growth and investment in our region and will increase property values.

If Ukiah wants to grow and strengthen its economic diversity, its job base, and its ability to attract new business investment, it needs to have the available land to do that. A smart approach to annexation will allow Ukiah to take steps now to align its city boundaries with areas that create opportunity and that will realistically expect city services.