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Merger Visit Ukiah, Chamber of Commerce, and Main Street Program

Merger of the Chamber, Main Street, and Visit Ukiah

The proposal to merge Visit Ukiah, the Ukiah Main Street Program, and the Greater Ukiah Chamber of Commerce will continue to move forward, having taken formal steps to evaluate the support of their members and leaders. Following several months of discussions and a town hall meeting in October, an official vote was conducted of the memberships; the results showed nearly unanimous support for the merger.

With similar missions and often-overlapping board members, these three organizations have been exploring new ways of working together and consolidating resources. To facilitate the merge, an Executive Board consisting of an equal number of representatives from each organization has been developed.

The primary goal of the merged entity will be to preserve and enhance the most effective programs of each organization by creating additional staff support and eliminating redundancies. By sharing overhead costs, resources can be more effectively targeted toward the members and missions.

While the logistics of the merger are addressed, each of the organization’s regular activities, events, and programs will continue to move forward.

Information about the Merger

Three Organization Mission Overlap