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all-day New Year’s Day Holiday @ City of Ukiah Civic Center
New Year’s Day Holiday @ City of Ukiah Civic Center
Jan 2 all-day
New Year's Day Holiday @ City of Ukiah Civic Center | Ukiah | California | United States
The City of Ukiah Civic Center will be closed to observe the New Year’s Day Holiday.
11:00 am Airport Commission @ OLD F.S.S. Building
Airport Commission @ OLD F.S.S. Building
Jan 2 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Airport Commission @ OLD F.S.S. Building | Ukiah | California | United States
City of Ukiah Electric Utility Workers

Perkins Street Underground Project

The Perkins Street Underground project is comprised of three phases:

Phase 1: Install underground duct system of conduit and vaults (completed)
Phase 2: Install new underground electric, cable TV and phone system (electric system work completed)
Phase 3: Remove overhead poles, wire and equipment (electric system components removed and poles shortened)

Local businesses along Perkins Street will remain open during construction and will continue to serve their customers.

January 24th, 2017

The Electric Utility is pleased to announce that the overhead electric wire, transformers and switches have been removed and replaced with a new underground system!

This means:

  1. All the conduit (pipe) for electric, phone and cable has been installed and tested.
  2. The new underground electric system has been built and is operating. This includes high voltage switches, conductor and junction pedestals, transformers, low voltage conductor and the necessary work needed to connect each customer to the underground system.
  3. We have removed the overhead high voltage and low voltage wire, transformers, switches and removed the top 25 feet of each pole that is no longer needed.

The electric system work is completed!

AT&T and Comcast are building their new underground systems and will remove their overhead equipment. Once these new systems are completed, tested and operating, the overhead wires will be removed. As AT&T removes their wires and equipment, they will also remove the poles and repair the sidewalk areas.

Additional finish paving work will be completed in June or July for most of the project. Since PG&E is currently working on their Perkins Street gas line, this work will also require additional paving. We are working with the City’s Public Works Department and PG&E to jointly do the paving. This will avoid days of traffic congestion issues caused by lane closures and heavy construction equipment.

We appreciate your cooperation!


The City of Ukiah Electric Utility Department

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