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Community Awareness

The Ukiah Regional Airport is committed to maintaining a safe operational environment for general aviation operations at the Ukiah Regional Airport. At the same it is our goal to evaluate operational variables that impact the quality of life for all Ukiah area residents.

Given these considerations, the requested procedures have been developed with the full understanding that the pilot in command has the ultimate authority to determine the safest operation of his/her aircraft and that procedures contained in this brochure defer to the pilot’s judgment when conditions dictate.

It is further noted that as the environment surrounding Ukiah changes, these procedures may require modifications in an effort to recognize the changing needs of Ukiah and the residents we serve.

Remember, not everyone in and around the airport is an aviation enthusiast. Please keep in mind the impact we have on those on the ground. By adhering to these Operational Procedures, we maintain safe, responsible general aviation operations while helping to contribute positively to the quality of life for those who live around our airport, and their perception of the aviation community.


Requested Flight Procedures

You are requested to utilize the following procedures when operating at the Ukiah Regional Airport as long as they don’t compromise the safety of your flight.

Your voluntary compliance with the following noise abatement procedures is requested unless otherwise required by FAR’s, weather conditions (including density altitude), aircraft limitations or any other safety requirements.

When Possible:

Avoid flying over heavily populated residential areas.


Climb to a safe and reasonable altitude before turning crosswind.

Reduce RPM’s as soon as feasible after takeoff.


When on final approach, fly at or above the VASI lights.

Avoid excessively low approaches.

Flying Procedure (Requested)

Runway 15 – After takeoff make 15 degree turn to left when safe.

Runway 33 – After takeoff make 20 degree turn to right when safe.

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