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City Departments

UVFA Accident Cooperation

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ukiah Valley Fire Authority is the protection of life and property from fire and other natural and man-made events. In fulfilling this mission the following services are provided:

  • Emergency Medical Response

    Will respond immediately with the highest level of field emergency medical personnel available, with complete and up-to-date equipment and apparatus, to provide Advanced Life Support Services utilizing the latest in approved medical protocols.

  • Emergency Fire and Hazards Response

    To mitigate fire, explosion, rescue, hazardous materials, and all other such emergencies with the greatest protection of, and least loss to, the welfare of individuals and property.

  • Fire Prevention

    Implement programs which apply and enforce fire and life safety laws and regulations.

  • Public Education and Information

    Design and deliver programs to the citizens which will prepare them to better prevent and mitigate emergency incidents.

  • Disaster Preparedness

    Assist in maintaining and coordinating the Disaster Preparedness Program of the City.

  • Emergency Scene Investigation

    Determine the cause and origin of fires, explosions, and hazardous materials incidents in an effort to reduce future losses and provide information to interested parties.

  • Public Assistance

    Respond to requests for service from the public when those services are not otherwise assigned to other public agencies.

The Ukiah Valley Fire Authority, as a cohesive organization, strives to provide these services in a well-planned, cost-effective and professional manner through the best utilization of the equipment, facilities, and training provided us by the citizens of the City of Ukiah and the Ukiah Valley.

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