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About Us & The Event


The City of Ukiah, Walk and Bike Mendocino and North Coast Striders team together to host the Annual Kids Triathlon. A triathlon is a race that consists of a combination of three sports: swimming, cycling, and running. Participants start with swimming at the Ukiah Municipal Pools, then transition to the bike portion at Anton Stadium, and end with the running portion at Todd Grove Park. This event is geared towards fighting child obesity in Mendocino County and to provide fun and healthy activities for kids. Healthy Mendocino has a website page dedicated to the statistics of health in youth and adults across Mendocino County. All of the information can be found here: Healthy Mendocino. In Mendocino County, 52.3% of 5th grade students are either healthy or underweight. This means about 48% of 5th grades students are overweight. On top of that; only 59.7% of 7th grade students are physically fit. So another 40% of 7th grade students are not getting the exercise they need to be physically fit.

Healthy Mendocino has several different action teams to help Mendocino County become a better community. One of the action teams is Childhood Obesity and Family Wellness. The City of Ukiah chose to become a part of this action team to make a difference in the kids within the community. The Kids Triathlon is a great activity to get the kids of Mendocino County MOVING! This event is open to any child 17 years old or younger – even a 2 year old! The Kids Triathlon will be first hosted in Ukiah, CA and again in Fort Bragg, CA. The idea is to expand this event across Mendocino County to include as many children as possible. Registration for the Kids Triathlon is at a very low and affordable rate of $10.00 ($15.00 day of) which will include your spot in the event, a Kids Triathlon t-shirt, a goodie bag, lunch, and a pool pass.


The Kids Triathlon will take place on Saturday, July 17th at Todd Grove Park in Ukiah. Kids can swim in the Ukiah Municipal Pools, bike at Anton Stadium, and run in Todd Grove Park. The event is divided up by 3 levels with suggested age groups. Kids are not required to stay within their own age group; challenge yourself! The object is to complete as many laps as you can in the amount of time given, but level 3 is setup to be competitive with timed cycles. Levels 1-2 will not have 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place winners; instead, each child will receive an official certificate showing the amount of laps completed. Level 3 (10 and under and 15 and under) will have official times and end with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner based on their cumulative score. Every child has the chance to feel accomplished!

1 5 years & under (training wheels & water wings) 10 minutes
2A (last name starting with A-L)                  5 years – 11 years 10 minutes
2B (last name starting with M-Z) 5 years – 11 years 10 minutes
3 (competitive) 10 years and under/17 years and under 20 minutes cap


**Participants that choose to be in level 3 will have to complete 20 laps in the pool (horizontal; there & back = 1), 15 laps around the bike trail (around Anton Stadium parking lot), and 10 laps of running (running course distinguished by cones within Todd Grove Park). You score will be cumulative between all three cycles.

This event is expected to bring hundreds of community members together and tons of local business vendors. Participants will have their bikes and helmets checked for safety, local gyms will provide water, and First Aid will be on staff during the event. Everyone is welcome to stay for the lunch and swim in the Ukiah Municipal Pools which will open at 1pm.


Event Day Info & FAQs


All participants must register in order to participate. The pre-registration fee is $10.00 and the day-of registration is $15.00. Please note: day-of registrations are not guaranteed Kids Triathlon T-shirts. There will be a check in table located just North of the Ukiah Municipal Pools (look for the red flags). Participants will receive their t-shirt and goodie bag at the check in table. All participants then proceed to the Transition Area where they can set up their biking and running gear. Once their gear is set up, they move to the first portion of the triathlon: swimming. **It is the responsibility of the participant to be at each event in time to start. It is the responsibility of the participant to keep track of the amount of laps completed.**

1 9:00am 9:30am 9:50am 10:10am
2A (A-L) 9:20am 9:50am 10:10am 10:30am
2B (M-Z) 9:30am 10:10am 10:30am 11:00am
3 (Competitive) 10:00am 10:30am 11:00am 11:30am


The Transition Area is the participant’s home throughout the Triathlon. Each participant will pass through the area twice during the event. Everyone will have a spot in the Transition area (by level) where his/her bike. helmet, shoes/socks, shirt. shorts, towel, and other essentials are located. The Transition Area is set up BEFORE the race starts. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to find parking, check in, set up transition area, and get to first activity. The Kids Triathlon begins at the pool; so arrive to the event already prepped for the swimming portion. Following the swim, the participants move to the Transition Area where they remove any swim equipment such as googles, quickly dry off, put on what is needed for the bike ride, takes her/her bike and walks the bike to the exit of the Transition Area. Bathing suit removal is not permitted in Transition Area. Participants put on shorts and a shirt over their bathing suit. After the bike ride, the participants return to the Transition Area and walk their bikes back to where his/her equipment is located. Once the equipment is replaced, participants prepare for the run. The Kids Triathlon finishes at the end of the run at Todd Grove Park.

Become a Volunteer!

Do you enjoy Triathlons? Do you like to see kids succeed? Do you like to participate in creating a great community event? Then you would be a great candidate for volunteering at the 2021 Kids Triathlon. The Kids Triathlon will be held at Todd Grove Park in Ukiah, CA on Saturday, July 17th.

Various volunteer positions include:

Parking/Traffic Control
Event FAQ’s & Help
Food Prep
Goodie Bag Stuffers
Set-up / Break Down
Lunch Help

If this event sounds like something you would enjoy being involved with, please contact Marianne Davison at mdavison@cityofukiah.com

For any questions or further information, call (707) 467-5723 or visit the Recreation Office at 411 W Clay St.