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Haunted Houses

The City of Ukiah’s Haunted Houses open October 18th in Coordination with Pumpkinfest!


2019 Pumpkinfest Haunted House: The Junkyard


One of the Interactive Attractions at the City of Ukiah’s Largest event: Pumpkinfest

Dates: Oct. 18th  4pm-7pm (Open in coordination with the Giant Pumpkin Weigh off)

Oct. 19th  10am-6pm

Oct. 20th   10am-5pm

Level Options:

Level 0- No jump Scares, walk through the scary scenery

Level 1- Jump Scares are turned on and thrill team are actively working to stimulate fear

Location: 200 South School St

Admission: $5 per participant

2019 Extreme Haunted House: NOWHERE

Haunted House To Print


Premise: You are dropped into the remains of the USS Veloren; an explorer vessel that crash landed on the uncharted planet: NoWhere. Dr. Roger Daniels, a researcher for the national fleet, started to suffer physiological breakdowns due to limited human interaction and extreme conditions of outer space. As Dr. Daniels conditions worsened he developed a split personality. Now Dr. Daniels is going through episodes switching between himself and Clifford the clown; a persona he clearly remembers from his past childhood traumas.

Endure the harsh terrain. Find out what happened to the rest of the crew. Determine if Dr. Daniels can be helped. And discover is life does exist so close to home…


Location: 280 E. Standley St.

Admission: $10 per Participant (Presale tickets available at 411 West Clay St)

Dates: Oct. 18th-20th  8pm-12am*

Oct. 25th – 27th 8pm-12am*

Oct. 31st (Halloween) 8pm-1am*

Nov. 1st-3rd   8pm-12am*

  • (City of Ukiah reserves the right to adjust hours of operation based on attendance patterns)



Safety is our top priority. For your safety and the safety of our thrill team please do not touch any of the staff inside of the haunted house.

The City of Ukiah and the staff of NoWhere hold the right to stop and end the tour at any time without refund if there is concern for safety of anyone inside of the Haunted House.

Participants must be 12 years of age, older, or accompanied by a parent/guardian to be admitted entrance into the haunted house.

Parts of the haunted house require participants to duck/crawl/or maneuver through and around objects. Participants must be in physical condition to be able to perform these actions to be admitted.

Participants will encounter different smells, sounds, textures, and images that may be unsettling to some. Please attend in clothes on which you do not mind getting substances.

Look but do not touch or things will touch back.

Participant will be provided with one illumination device to be their light source through the Haunted House. Phones/flashlights/lighters/other non-provided  illumination devices are prohibited in the haunted house.

No Groups Larger than 4. Groups larger than 4 will be split into two groups to maintain safety in confined spaces and keep the best experience for all participants. No Exceptions

No high-heels. This is to protect your safety and prevent injury and chance of rolled ankles.

Recreation Office (707) 463-6231

Senior Program Coordinator (707) 467-5769


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