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Upcoming Events
6:00 pm Sundays in the Park @ Todd Grove Park
Sundays in the Park @ Todd Grove Park
Aug 19 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Sundays in the Park @ Todd Grove Park | Ukiah | California | United States
August 19th – Pimps of Joytime Brooklyn Soul  The Pimps of Joytime love to dance. Somewhere on the frontier between funk and soul, Brooklyn’s own Pimps Of Joytime are out there, fighting to bring their horn and hook laden … Continue reading
5:30 pm Tree Advisory Group (TAG) @ City of Ukiah Civic Center
Tree Advisory Group (TAG) @ City of Ukiah Civic Center
Aug 27 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Tree Advisory Group (TAG) @ City of Ukiah Civic Center | Ukiah | California | United States
TAG is a volunteer organization dedicated to the enhancement of the urban forest in Ukiah. TAG advises the City of Ukiah on issues such as tree care, planting, and education. They also champion City tree programs (e.g. the Landmark Tree … Continue reading
City of Ukiah Civic Center

Exceptional Employees Program

The true heart of this organization is the employees. Every day, I see and hear about team members who are doing outstanding work —who truly embody these core values. This program gives us a way to provide the recognition that those individuals and teams deserve.
Sage Sangiacomo, City Manager

The City of Ukiah prioritizes the retention and attraction of outstanding employees and recognizes their role in our goal of providing exceptional customer service. The Exceptional Employees Program, through a nomination process, recognizes and awards those employees or teams of employees who have truly gone above and beyond.
Once each quarter, nominations will be considered from the categories of field crews, public safety, and administration. One employee or team from each category may be selected to receive:

  • Photo and reason for award on the Wall of Excellence
  • Presentation and Certificate of Recognition from the Ukiah City Council at a regularly scheduled meeting
  • Announcement at the All-Employee Breakfast
  • Announcement in the City Manager’s all-employee email

2018 Q1 Recipients

Isabel Madrigal, School Resource Officer, Detective Unit

Detective Madrigal has been nominated for her exceptional work in investigating a highly sensitive case involving sexual assault. For over a year she worked to protect a number of young children from lengthy and repeated attacks. Through Detective Madrigal’s extensive complex investigation, the suspect eventually pled guilty to a number of charges and was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Her actions saved the young children and family from an intrusive jury trial, testifying in front of many people, and from further horrific abuse. Detective Madrigal’s actions are a fantastic example of the City of Ukiah’s core values.

Ben Kageyama, Senior Civil Engineer, Public Works

Ben has been nominated for his extraordinary determination to secure funding for all three phases of the Ukiah Rail Trail. Thanks to Ben’s efforts, Phase I is complete and Phase II is currently in the design process. Recently, Ben coordinated the community-wide effort to successfully secure funding for Phase III, which involved multiple agencies and stakeholders in a competitive statewide grant. Not only has Ben secured the funding for the project, he also continues to manage the project through all phases and has been a champion in the City’s efforts to become a walkable community. This is an excellent example of teamwork and service to our community.

2017 Q4 Recipients

Jason Chapman, Police Officer, Special Enforcement Team

Officer Chapman has worked diligently to remove the impacts of the homelessness on the environment within Ukiah. Since this past May, Officer Chapman, with support from Darin Malugani, Lead Public Works Maintenance, and the Street Crew, has cleaned over sixteen tons of debris from our City creeks, streams and other locations. This effort immediately improves the quality of life within Ukiah. The clean-ups help prevent ongoing problems, send a message that this illegal activity will not be accepted or tolerated, and beautifies our community. As you can imagine, this is a thankless job; yet, despite the nature of this dirty work, Officer Chapman persistently worked to correct these problems each and every day.

Jake Burgess, Recreation Supervisor

Jake consistently goes above and beyond his scope of responsibility and has taken a positive role in the leadership of his team, including putting together successful work teams between Recreation, Parks, and Facilities that have resulted in a new level of cooperation. Jake has extended himself to be available almost 24 hours a day to assure that all programs are operating safely, securely, and with great customer satisfaction. On many occasions, he has saved the General Fund money by personally unloading trucks on weekends and making himself available to staff at all times. Furthermore, Jake has created relationships throughout the community that have brought in an unexpected amount of financial support and partnerships. Jake goes out of his way to make sure things are accomplished in a better, cheaper, and faster manner.

2017 Q3 Recipients

Joan Kelly, Environmental Lab Tech III

Joan’s dedication to her job is readily apparent the moment you visit the lab at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The lab’s level of sophistication, cleanliness and organization are a stark contrast to most people’s expectations of a “wastewater lab”. Joan’s meticulous nature has garnered respect from her peers, other municipalities, as well as the regulatory community. Joan has also been a tireless advocate in the development of wastewater laboratory regulations and for Ukiah and other small communities throughout the region.

Tony De Lapo, School Resource Officer

Tony was nominated for his exemplary work on September 13, 2017 at Ukiah High School, when he effectively diffused a potentially volatile situation on campus. School staff observed his actions with a student who was defiant and verbally aggressive, noting that the “interaction should have been filmed as a training guide for how to use body language, intelligent authority, humor and patience in dealing with a very agitated person”.

Anthony Brochini and Kenzie Kornegay, Lifeguards

In an exceptionally kind and generous act, Anthony purchased a bicycle for a disabled woman who was a regular visitor of the municipal pool after noting her transportation struggles. This incredibly selfless act had a tremendous impact on this woman, as well as his peers. In particular, Kenzie took the time to acknowledge this act and the profound effect it had on this woman and the team at the Municipal Pool. Her social media post reflected her admiration for this gesture and her pride in working for the City.

2017 Q2 Recipients

Julie Webb, Activities/Sports Coordinator

Julie has been already a tremendous asset to the Community Services Department, first as a referee, then working her way up to Activities/Sports Coordinator. She has been largely instrumental in developing and coordinating some of the last year’s most successful new events, including the Shoot-a-Thon (which raised over $9,000 in profit for enhanced recreation programming) and the Kids’ Triathlon, which was attended by roughly 125 children. She is appreciated for her initiative, innovative ideas, and the extra effort she puts in to serve on various committees, including the Employee Association.

Ukiah Municipal Airport Team

The team at the Ukiah Airport has seen a lot of action this summer—and has handled all of it with the highest level of customer service and professionalism. Manager Greg Owen and his team, Ken Ronk, David Brown, Rob Walsh, David Marquez, and Jacob Gibson have dealt professionally and efficiently with emergency incidents, extra CalFire air-tanker activity, the day-to-day business of the airport, AND hosted another successful Airport Day.

Peter Bushby, Fire Captain
Rebecca Schwenger, Fire Engineer

Peter and Becky were nominated for their dedication and compassion in service. Their efforts to assist a disabled veteran who was stranded in Ukiah were truly above and beyond the call of duty. Beyond just transporting him to another location, they helped get his wheelchair to Safeway, where the battery could be charged, provided him with a bottle of water, and secured his safe transportation back home.

Core Values


We demonstrate professionalism through proficiency, reliability, and our drive to make opportunities happen.

  • We strive to promote trust and confidence by being respectful, truthful, open and compassionate in everything we do.
  • We are dedicated to continuous improvement and professional growth.
  • We embrace our professional and social responsibility to our community.

We inspire confidence in our organization and our team members by consistently providing exceptional service.

  • We meet the needs of a diverse community through dynamic, creative, and thoughtful service.
  • We achieve tangible results through eagerness to find solutions and provide service.
  • We are accountable for our actions and take ownership of our deeds.

We believe in creating an environment that fosters teamwork and processes that support equal opportunity, collaboration, and commitment to common goals.

  • We inspire everyone to make a difference and celebrate success by valuing and recognizing each contribution.
  • We believe that open, honest communication builds trust, which is the foundation of any relationship—whether it’s with our employees or our community.
  • We maintain a positive and engaging atmosphere where balance and fun are valued.

We work to discover practical solutions, challenge prevailing assumptions, and create new ideas that prove useful.

  • We are actively engaged in seeking strategic solutions and partnerships that will more effectively serve our community and our team members.
  • We foster a culture of innovation that balances creativity with responsibility and sustainability.
  • We are open to change and support and encourage suggestions from employees and the community.

We strive to keep our community and our workplace safe and healthy.

  • We ensure the vital needs of our community are met through the protection of each other, the environment, and our assets.
  • We foster a healthy community by ensuring accessibility and high quality programs and services for our citizens.
  • We ensure the safety of our team-members and are well-prepared for emergencies through effective and ongoing training and education.

Selection Criteria

Criteria for awards reflect the City of Ukiah’s core values:

Professionalism, Service, Teamwork, Innovation, & Safety

  • Exhibited excellence to public service and to serving the City of Ukiah’s businesses, customers and/or workforce; should be evidenced by communication skills, problem solving, customer focus, and such people metrics as responsiveness, helpfulness, knowledge, courtesy and accessibility.
  • Sustained excellence in productivity and consistent quality of work.
  • Demonstrated high degree of initiative above and beyond the normal performance of responsibilities.
  • Outstanding participation in the development of a program that has benefitted the City (new procedure or process which effectively increased efficiency in operations, public service, or improves cost savings).
  • Displayed outstanding leadership qualities through teamwork, promoting employee morale and cooperation and respectful treatment of others.


Any employee or member of the public can make nominations by completing an award nomination form, available at each worksite, in the Civic Center break room, and from the “Nomination Form” link at the top of this page.

Employees must meet the following criteria:

  • Completed probationary employment period
  • Full and part-time employees are eligible
  • Attained satisfactory performance evaluation at time of nomination
  • No disciplinary actions on file in official personnel file within the preceding twelve (12) months
  • Must not have received an award within the last two (2) years

Selection Committee

The selection committee shall be comprised of the City Manager and at least three other designees.

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