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For Redwood and Potter Fire Information contact Mendocino County's Emergency Operations Center at (707) 467-6428.

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all-day Thanksgiving Day @ City of Ukiah Civic Center
Thanksgiving Day @ City of Ukiah Civic Center
Nov 23 – Nov 24 all-day
Thanksgiving Day @ City of Ukiah Civic Center | Ukiah | California | United States
The City of Ukiah Civic Center will be closed to observe the Thanksgiving Holiday.
5:30 pm Tree Advisory Group (TAG) @ City of Ukiah Civic Center
Tree Advisory Group (TAG) @ City of Ukiah Civic Center
Dec 4 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Tree Advisory Group (TAG) @ City of Ukiah Civic Center | Ukiah | California | United States
TAG is a volunteer organization dedicated to the enhancement of the urban forest in Ukiah. TAG advises the City of Ukiah on issues such as tree care, planting, and education. They also champion City tree programs (e.g. the Landmark Tree … Continue reading
City of Ukiah Civic Center

Services – Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

The City of Ukiah has established a code enforcement program to ensure compliance with the City’s laws and regulations for building, housing, land use, zoning, and environmental health. A high priority is placed on code compliance as a means of accomplishing adopted community goals, such as maintaining the quality of neighborhoods, avoiding nuisances, and protecting the environment.

The code enforcement process is conducted on a city-wide basis, and all complaints are treated equally and processed according to the same administrative process. The code compliance process is not intended to be selective or discriminatory against any one individual, group, area, or business. The City is legally required to resolve code violations that are confirmed through investigations and cannot simply dismiss them at the request of the property owner.

The code compliance team responds to all complaints associated with Zoning and Building Code violations. Alleged code violations are investigated by the Police Department and the Community Development Department as they are reported or discovered and steps are taken to resolve confirmed violations prior to initiation of abatement procedures. The team develops abatement techniques, strategies, time lines for resolution of code violations, and works with the property owner to ensure voluntary compliance with local codes.

The program emphasizes education by providing information to the public about the City’s rules and regulations. This proactive approach helps to avoid inadvertent code violations and to reduce the number of cases.


Frequently Asked Questions


How are code violations discovered?

Code violations are discovered in a variety of ways, including reports from concerned citizens, referrals from other public agencies, and by City staff during the course of business involving matters other than code compliance.


What types of code violations are handled by the City’s Code Enforcement Program?

The Code Compliance Officer is authorized to enforce codes only on private residential and business properties located within Ukiah city limits. If you believe you have a problem to report, please review the common types of violations handles through this office. Common types of violations that are enforced include, but are not limited to the following:

  • fence/hedge/wall height and location
  • land use violations (type of use on a property
  • licensing for home-based businesses
  • number of dwelling units on a property
  • property maintenance, public nuisances
  • storage of solid waste and garbage
  • living in recreational vehicle
  • setback and height violations
  • signage
  • vehicle repair on private property
  • building code violations


How are complaints prioritized?

Complaints with an imminent threat to public safety are of the highest priority and are immediately referred to and handled by the appropriate department. All other complaints are prioritized by the severity of the violation.


What are the most common types of violations?

The most common types of violations involve the accumulations of junk and debris on property, abandoned vehicles, obstructions in the street right-of-way (portable basketball hoops, signs, etc.), unauthorized banner signs, and the outdoor cultivation of marijuana.


What do I do if I see a problem that I think may be a code violation?

If you see something that could be a health and safety issue or that seems odd or out of place, contact the Police Department or the Community Development Department who will explain the laws and regulations. If a violation is suspected, someone from the Police Department or the Community Development Department will investigate to determine if a code violation is occurring.


What can I do to resolve a violation?

In general the most effective way to resolve the code violation is to act quickly and contact the Police Department or the Community Development Department to discuss the nature of the code violation, the information you may have regarding the code violation, and options available for resolution of the code violation.


How do I obtain information on City Codes and regulations?

Check the Municipal Code. This will enable you to search through all of the City’s Codes. You can also call the Police Department or the Community Development Department for further information.


How do I contact the Police and Community Development Departments?

Information associated with Code Compliance may be obtained during office hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 5:00 p.m. by calling the Police Department at 707-463-6247 for nuisance abatement and the Community Development Department at 707-463-6203 for building and sign violations


How do I report a possible violation?

You may use the City Code Violation Complaint Form or email your complaint to the Community Development Department


What if the matter is not resolved in a timely manner?

The City’s primary goal is to resolve the code violation by working with the person (property owner, business owner, tenant) responsible for resolving the violation. This is accomplished through by providing information, options and alternatives. If voluntary compliance is not accomplished in a timely manner and if no progress is being made, the code violation will be referred to the City Attorney for possible legal action. The responsible party could be cited for an infraction and fined. Referral of the matter to the City Attorney is only necessary if all efforts to correct or remedy the violation are unsuccessful.

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